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.“I have been working with Stolly Insurance for our business Insurance for many years. Tim Stolly ( our agent ) visits our office on a regular basis and provides us with great service. The nice part about working with Stolly Ins and Tim is that he understands our business. We are a regional nonprofit providing many specialty needs to the senior market. It can be quite complicated. Tim helps me through the process of what we need to be covered for and gets us the proper coverage. We have always enjoyed working with Stolly Insurance and we trust them.”

- Jacqi B., Client

Executive Director

“Stolly Insurance has provided excellent service to my small business for the last two years on our P&C insurance. They have superior customer service and are extremely accessible. As a family business owner, it is great to work with another long-standing Ohio-based family business.”

- Scott A., Client

Local Business Owner

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Stolly Insurance Group for a number of years with two school districts. They have done a wonderful job in addressing any claims and questions we have had through the years. I would highly recommend them to anyone with any insurance needs.”

- Scott M., Treasurer

“I have had a few insurance agents in the past 40 years. A couple of years ago I placed my auto and homeowners coverages with the Stolly Insurance Group, best decisions I could have made. Eric Stolly is my agent, the best agent I have ever had, really he is. I know he has my best interest at heart, he returns my phone call/ and or emails messages, he’s made sure I have the best coverages for my needs, he is always very pleasant. Eric works hard to make sure the rates I am paying are reasonable.

“A couple of years ago my husband had a stroke. Eric sent a card to our home, it was not a generic card from the agency with agency logo, it was a Hallmark card he picked out and wrote a very nice note to us. It meant a lot to us that he took the time to think of us, as just policy holders.

- Stephanie S., Sr. Administrative Assistant

“I would highly recommend Stolly for any of their business insurance needs. I not only have worked with Stolly at the Vein Care Center but with prior practices and the service is top notch – your staff has consistently been so helpful to me. Thanks again for everything!”

- Amy M., CT, Practice Manager

“Thanks for all the help in keeping our insurance straightened out, paperwork done on time and always finding an answer for me when I call.”

- Phyllis, Local Dairy Farmer